The children are visiting the Planet Earth Museum. Go with them and learn about our planet.

Story by Carolyne Ardron | Animation by Cambridge English Online


What can you do to help protect Planet Earth? Tell us your top tip! 

For example:

  • I switch off the lights when I'm not using them.
  • I have a shower instead of a bath to use less water.
  • I don't take plastic bags from the supermarket, I use my own bag.
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I like polar bear

Yes. We are so dirty. Because we throw lots of garbage to the nature.
Maybe you are thinking "Can we throw garbage to the space."no. Because one day you encounter with them. We need to clean our Planet Earth and the space.

I like it because it is focused on the nature and I love nature!!!

I want to live in that beautiful and fantastic place where there are trees and things from the nature

All the zones are fantastic. The Green Zone is the most beautiful. I wish that I could live there. This story is also very very good.............

I love it. I plant trees

Good video : )

A good video hohoho !!!!!!!!!!!

I Iike gargening flowers.