Rovers or United? Which football team does the boy support - in secret?

Story developed by Cambridge English Online


Tell us about your favourite football team! (If you don't like football you can tell us about your team that plays another sport!)

  • What's the name of your team?
  • Where's the team from?
  • What colours do they wear?
  • Who's the best player at the moment?
  • Do you think they are going to win any cups this season?
  • Is there a special name for the fans of your team?
  • Is your team one of the best in your country?
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it is really funny who cries or celebrates in the bathroom


That was so cool

This is my best story in British Council

I love this story it is the best even though i support arsenal !

Me too
This happened to me before i watched this
I love it so much

Boxton United is Fc Barcelona:]]]]]

I play footbal