My secret team


Rovers or United? Which football team does the boy support - in secret?

    Story developed by Cambridge English Online
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    Wow! So cool! I think in this story's boy was very happy. He can be happy when his team scored.

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    he very lucky

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    I like the story,but i play baseball.

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    My favorite is Vietnam national football team. They're from Vietnam. They usually wear 2 colours. The first colour is Red and the second is white. The best player is Le Cong Vinh. I think so. Yeah i think they're going to win any cups this season and yeah this name is a symbol of my country. yes it is. it's the best team of my country/.

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    I make my account a few days ago. Do you want to be friends?

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    Is a nice story!

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    The history is verry nice

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    Very good.