My Favourite Day - Christmas


December 25th is Christmas Day. We celebrate Christmas in the United Kingdom. It's a holiday for most people, and there are lots of customs and traditions, and children get lots of presents! Listen to a boy talking about Christmas, and find out about some of these customs.



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very bag

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 Not the best story, but it's OK!

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  • My favorite day is 15th of July.
  • On that day is my birthday.
  • I go to the McDonalds.I different things.
  • Yes. I eat crips,hot-dog or cheesburger.
  • Yes. I wear a very special dress.
  • No.I don't.
  • Yes but no always
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 Is a very good story

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is shara

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I like  the christmas day,  because I can give presents to my feiends ,I can play in the snow  and make a  snow  man. Iam  very  happy.

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It was ok!!!

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My Birthday And Christmas Day
My family and friends goes to our house
I eat special food
I wear special clothes
I give presents..

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very good but very short stories but i love it