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My favourite day - Christmas


December 25th is Christmas Day. Listen to a boy talk about some of the customs and traditions for Christmas in the UK.

Story developed by Cambridge English Online
  • What's your favourite day?
  • What happens on the day?
  • Where do you go? What do you do?
  • Do you eat special food?
  • Do you wear special clothes?
  • Do you give presents?
  • Do you decorate your house?

Tell us about your favourite day in the comments box below.


PrincessPopFire's picture

my favorite day of chrismast is wen santa coming and my house and decorate my house and it big chicken and next my parent give me a presents.

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this game is very easy

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My favorite day is Christmas. I celebrate Christmas with my family.
We eat togheter, exchange our presents and play Bingo.

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Christmas is cool

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PrincessMusicFlower's picture

Love it very much!!!!!!!!!!

MasterJurassicSpider's picture

 Me too

PrincessPearlPirate's picture

I celebrate Christmas too and that is my favourite festival.

SmilingPopMarket's picture

christmas is so importante becuase we celebrate the brith of jesus