My dad


Lottie is 10 years old and she lives in England with her dad and sister. Listen to her talk about her dad. Is Lottie's dad like your dad?

    Story by Kim Ashmore | Animation by Cambridge English Online
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    very good u love ur dad very much like me

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    Dear MissInternetEarth, I love your videos! But, is safe to tell information here.

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    Hi PrincessLilacRhythm,
    I'm very happy to read that you love the videos on LearnEnglish Kids!
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    • Hi!
    • My name is Jeremiah. I am 9 years old. My Grade is 4th Grade. I live with my Dad and my Mom too.
    • My Mom has got black hair, brown eyes and straight hair too.
    • My Dad has got black hair, black eyes and straight hair too.
    • I am has got black hair, straight hair and dark brown eyes likes my Mom and Dad eyes
    • Some times my dad takes me to school if my dad is working my Mom will takes me to school too.
    • My Mom his job is textile or ( factory engineer ).
    • My Dad his job is nurse my Dad helps the doctor.
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    My name is Ridwana . I am a student
    I am 8 years old. I am in class 3
    My fathers name is Muhammad . he is a professor of a univirsity
    My mothers name is Nusrat . she is also a professor of a univirsity 
    We live in Dhaka,Bangladesh
    We are such a happy family

    MisterPianoTriceratops's picture

    hello  My name is Cem . We live in Gaziantep I am 12 years old

    My dad is doctor and his name is Ali. My mother is nurse and her name is Sibel.
    my brother goes to highscool

    I like play piano 

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    hi my name is Vicki
    i live in australia (adelaide)
    i have a father a mother a brother
    and a nother brother and a sister

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    My name is Momo.
    I lives in Pakistan.
    He is 39 years old,
    He got black eyes,
    I got black eyes too!
    He is a business man,
    He loves me so much.

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    • Hello my name is Maaziha.
    • I am 9 years old.
    • I have a large family.
    • My father is 39 years old.
    • MY father name is hammad.
    • We play in the weekends
    • We also go to watch movies.
    • I love my father.
    • I live in Karachi.
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    good OK