Siriwat isn't feeling very well. Can his dad and the doctor help him?

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It's horrible when you feel ill, isn't it? There are some things we can do to try and stay fit and healthy. For example:

  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Brush your teeth carefully,
  • Eat fruit and vegetables every day.

What else can we do? Can you think of one more thing we can all do to try and stay healthy? Write and tell us about it.

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that little boy should've had his medicine since the start when his dad told him to, but he is lucky because his dad doesn't oblige him to have his medicine ;)

I reallly agree with you

 My  golden rules to stay healthy are to drink a lot of water, to go for walks and, of course, lots of sleep and exercise. I love doing all these things except going to bed early .