I'm too ill


Siriwat isn't feeling very well. Can his dad and the doctor help him?

    Story developed by Cambridge English Online
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    KingDragonBamboo's picture

    I like it

    QueenDiplodocusPixie's picture

    I  LIKE IT.

    KindGem9000's picture

    If a finish my uneversite my job is will be doctor
    i like doctor my dad is job doctor

    PrincessMarigoldSurfing's picture

    I Don't Like The Doctor!!!

    BubblySilverRabbit's picture


    PrincessMoonEnvironment's picture

    AWESOME ........

    PrincessRhythmZoo's picture

    I like this story.LaLaLa.

    PrincessFashionRhythm's picture

    my country had a haze.

    HappyTopazHi's picture

    this story is very nice but when you are ill you have too drink the medicine
    bye bye..  :p

    DoctorSkySeagull's picture

    hate it