Goldilocks and the three bears


Goldilocks is a young girl. One day she is walking in the forest and she sees a house - and the door is open. What does Goldilocks find in the house?

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    OrangeRainbowCanoe's picture

    I'm sad

    QueenSongSitar's picture

    cool stori

    WhiteViolin300's picture

    poor small bear! HAha

    PrincessRockButtercup's picture

    Goldilocks went by herself in the forest thats bad but I love her

    KindGem9000's picture

    it's the story is for 6-8 years old

    PurpleTuneTennis's picture

    It'sfor babies that film

    PrinceWhite4's picture

    goldilocks is a naughty girl

    PrincessBatRing's picture

     i agree with you too

    PrinceWhite4's picture

    i agree with you too!

    DoctorT-RexTrampoline's picture

    I liked the story,It was funny.