It's Sonia's birthday and she's got a new computer game. Something strange happens when she starts playing.

Story by Kim Ashmore | Animation by Cambridge English Online


What's your favourite computer game? Tell us all about it! 

  • What's the game called?
  • Where's it set? (For example, in a cave, under the sea, in a jungle, in a city...)
  • What do you do to win?
  • Do you play on your own or with other players?
  • What are the graphics like?
  • Would you recommend this game to your friends?
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My avourite game is Minecraft . You need to survive and get the resources to survive like food ,wood and cobblestone, iron and DIAMONDS..To win you need to kill endermans ad drop ender eye to find the ENDER PORTAL and fight with ENDER DRAGON but you need first to have an enchented swordand an an enchented bow with arrmor and Ender Pearls to teleport and you will win. This Version with Ender Drangon ANd withers is only on pc and computer. i hope you will like it

I like this story! It's exciting! WOW !
But I don't understand how did Sonia have one life. Please tell me.

Hi PrincessTambourineHorse,

That's a good question - you mean why does Sonia only have one life and the boy has three?

I'm not really sure, but I think it's probably to make the story more exciting. If Sonia had three lives left like the boy, she wouldn't be so scared of the dinosaur.

What do you think?


Best wishes,


LearnEnglish Kids team

I think it ok

i realy not like any game but my cousin like very much game the name is pou,plant vs zomibieand marbel


I love dinosaurs very much.

My favorite computer game is Chicken Invaders.
It's set in the universe.
I must to extermination all the Chicken Invaders to win.
I usually play it on my own but sometime i play it with my brothers or my sisters.
The graphics of the game is beautiful and colorful.
This game is very funy and it hep me relax when i have free time

I love dinosaurs,and of course,this story,too.Dinosaurs time are full with mysterious and danger.PrinceWhite4,dinosaurs didn't live on our time.There's no way to know does dinosaurs love to eat us or not.The story is interesting,too.From the beginning to the end.Perfect!

I like this story