There are strange things in the dark, dark wood!

Story developed by Cambridge English Online


Imagine you find another mysterious box in the dark, dark wood. What’s inside? Tell us what you imagine is in the scary box! It can be as strange as you like!
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Very good. I like it.
I want to find the Dark,dark wood. After I find Dark,dark wood, I find the Dark,dark room. After I find Dark,dark room,I find the Dark,dark cupboard, After I find the Dark,dark cupboard, I find the Dark,dark box. And I open the Dark,dark box. After I open the Dark,dark box, the ghost will destroy to youuuuuuuuuuuuu.

there was a dark dark world,in the dark dark world there was a dark dark island in the dark dark island there was a dark dark wood in the the dark dark woods there was a dark dark house in the dark dark house there was a dark dark cupboard in the dark dark cupboard there was a dark dark shelf in that dark dark shelf there was a dark dark box in the dark dark box there was a ghost boo boo boo haahaaa boo. this is could be a joke

I kept on laughing when he said "dark,dark".

i like the story and song

I am scary!

How scary!!!

dear not scary but awesome

Is that all? Can you make a really scary video?

it is not scarie and not funy it is boring!

it is not scary, but funny