Dark, dark wood


There are strange things in the dark, dark wood! Click on the cats to find out what is hidden in the dark, dark house!




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Story developed by Cambridge English Online
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RedPetalXylophone's picture

Spooky, the ghost voice bothers me! But the ghoost was funny ahahahhaha...

SpecialEmerald7000's picture

how boring

LadyDJForever's picture


PrincessSkunkPlum's picture

 That's scary me! But the ghost is funny, I think. 
*I think there is a head in that box! > <

PrincessHillEel's picture

dark dark box there is a cat plese tell were are most terrible storie

BlueViolin8's picture

 In my opinion a very interesting game

QueenDrumSaxophone's picture

 good story for kids

PrinceSoccerFootball's picture

The ghost frighten me at last ^_^

MissSpellLobster's picture

It's cool 

TwinklingAmethyst6000's picture

Ha Ha Ha,Ho Ho Ho, Boo, no comment