Circus escape


When Billy went to the circus, he saw lions, clowns, acrobats and some elephants. Minny the elephant wasn't very happy, so what do you think she did?




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Story by Sue Clarke | Animation by Cambridge English Online
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KingSnowPlanet's picture

its good.

LadyDinosaurGiraffe's picture

I think is cruel make the animals lif in the circus!

RedGoldfishTornado's picture

 the story was so boring for me !i don t this story :( from $ARA

PinkToadAmulet's picture

i like the book because billy was  happy  with the elephant.

DukeSkatingMaracas's picture

 but it's very BBBOOORRIIIIINNGG story!!!!!!!!

DukeSkatingMaracas's picture

 That is a very smart and brave elephant. But she (or he) is very maughty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BlackSunflower's picture

It is a very funny story!!!!!

GoodbyeRainbowShell's picture

It is a great story! I never heard of a story like this! I enjoyed it although...............

AgentMagicDesert's picture

It  is very cruel because the animals want to live in nature.

DiamondRedSong's picture

sooo good story
minny's adventure