Ali and the magic carpet


Ali has found a magic carpet in his uncle's shop. Where will the carpet take him? What will he see? Who will he meet?




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Words to story

Story by Sue Clarke | Animation by Cambridge English Online
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LadyLeopardNightingale's picture

I would fly on the carpet in Los Angeles and went to a concert of my favorite band in sunny weather

MysticSkiFootball's picture

 I will use the magic carpet to fly around the whole world. I will see new things and visit places.

AgentMonsterJurassic's picture

I like but it is too short...

PrettyPlastic8000's picture

 I is   very  interesting   story  I love  it

RubyThroneOnline's picture

 love iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttt!

PrinceWhite4's picture

there are lots of flying carpets

SpikeyKoalaBird's picture

 When I watch this video I have fun!

BlueBlue60's picture

nice i like it!

LadyRoseFire's picture

Interesting :)

YellowMusicLake's picture

yes  i agree with you then  dj patato shop