ABC zoo


A strange animal has entered the zoo. Where should it go? See where the zookeeper puts the new animal in the story.



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Story by Kim Ashmore | Animation by Cambridge English Online
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TurquoiseBirdBubble's picture

This is a great mode for learning an animal with each letter.

CreamSunday's picture

at the last the zorilla got is home .but I hate zorilla

RedRapRap's picture

ı don't like zorilla

PrincessCreamBamboo's picture

It's a funny story.I like the story but i do not like the zorila.It's stinky.

MissMaracasFlute's picture

 ı don't like zorilla

RedRapRap's picture

me too

ProfessorRedFairy's picture

I can't follow it.
I dislike animals becasue they are smelly, mostly

GoldRose100's picture

good but a bit flop

LovelyOddDog's picture

i like the story !!!!!!

SquareQuartz40's picture

Is wonderfull