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    Practise your reading and writing in English here. Answer the questions in the 'your turn' section to practise your reading and writing. Improve English vocabulary with our set of 'word of the week' videos. Become a member and you can download all of our worksheets for free.


  • food circle

    What's your favourite food? Tell us about a traditional meal from your country.

  • Have you ever been to a wedding? What do people wear at weddings? What do people eat at weddings? Would you like to get married when you are older?

  • Your turn: Olympic and Paralympic Games

    Have you ever seen the Olympic or Paralympic games? Have the Olympic Games ever been held in your country? How many Olympic sports and Paralympic sports can you name?

  • sausages

    Do you like barbecues? What kind of food can you cook on a barbecue? Where's a good place to have a barbie? When was the last time you had a barbecue?


  • What's your pencil case like? What colour is it? Who chose your pencil case? What's inside? Do you keep your pencil case tidy?

  • What chores do you help with at home? Which chores do you like doing? Are there any chores that you don't like doing? Which chores are easy?


  • Can you swim? How old were you when you learnt to swim? Do you swim in a pool or in the sea? Do you like swimming? How often do you go swimming?

  • fruit salad

    Do you like fruit? What's your favourite fruit? How many pieces of fruit do you eat every day?

Word of the week

This is a hug. You can also call it a cuddle.
"Do you want a hug?"
"No way!"

Your comments

Hi SwimmingEmerald80,
A barbecue is an outdoor meal or party. We cook the food (for example meat, fish or vegetables) over hot coals or on a fire.
Have you ever had a barbecue?
... more

I like barbecues so much. The taste is rich and spicy. The smell of smoke when you grill the meat. Kind of food that you can cook on a barbecue is sausage, octopus, corn, vegetables and meat, such... more

I  like to  vacuum  the floor  and  take  the dog for a walk