Have you got a mobile phone?



PrincessSpicyPrimrose's picture

I used to have a Blackberry, and now I have iPhone 5. :)
In England almost everybody has an iPhone!

YoungDiamondSeaweed's picture

HA HA HA !!! I have 3: Samsung Galaxy ( POcket and Y), LG Optimus.....I Love my mobile phone SOOOO Muchhhhh!!!! Muah Muah~~~~~~~

PrincessBrightLily's picture

 Hi! I'm Veronica. I have a BlackBerry and a Samsung Galaxy! I like both of them!
Love From Veronica, 10, UK.

PrincessRhythm's picture

I have a mobile phone. I like it!

LadySitarKitty's picture

I have HUAWEI. ITis not very cool . But I love him because his buttons are like in BlackBerry ( I AM MAD ABOUT BLACKBERRIES MOBILE PHONES) !!!!!!!!!!!!
Bye! :)

PrincessSweetTree's picture

 I've got a BlackBerry and I LOVE IT! 

LadySitarKitty's picture

PrincessSweetTree you're very lucky. BlackBerry  is my favourite mobile phone. It's so COOL!!!!!!

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 I like mobile phone but I'don t know

DuchessCreamTeacher's picture

Well i have a nokia phone and its touchscreen. Pretty cool huh ha ha ha.

BlueLilyWeed's picture

My cellphone is HTC. It's not fun at all. You can just sometimes play games and talk to your buddies for hours and hours and hours. But usually when you have a cellphone you look cool. :P It is the advantage of the cellphone!:D