Do you wear a uniform to school?



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Hi! I'm Veronica. I'm in Yr 5 so far.
And.... Yes. I do wear a school uniform. It's a blue blaze with our school name and picture on it. We wear skirts to go with it. Boys wear the same blaze but with trousers (when it's hot, shorts). I think uniforms are a good thing, because when you go on a school trip and get lost, you can easily be seen by your school and if you're not found, you can just come up to someone and they'll help you find your school.
When I'm in Year 6, I'll get a purple blaze! I am veyr excited because we'll get the school motto printed on it too! Our school motto~Be The Best You Can Be!
Love from Veronica, 10, UK.

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Hi everybody!
My name's Veronica,I'm in Year 4.

And... Yes, I do wear a uniform to school. I really like it! It is blue and has our school picture and name on it.
When I'm in Year 6, I will get a purple uniform with our school picture, school name and our school motto which is BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE! on it. I think both uniforms look wonderful!
Love from Veronica

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I do not wear an uniform at school.I think that the uniforms are very bad things. I HATE UNIFORMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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 I too! I so not like uniforms, and my school doesn't have. No school in Norway has uniforms. Everybody wears what They do want! I like that ...
I love my teacher!

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I don't wear a Uniform on school.

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I do wear uniform to school

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In my school Ya I do wear uniforms, Im have been in this school for like 9 years, cause i like it and it is huge. 

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 Hi, my name is Veronica, I'm 10 years old and I live in United Kingdom, I'm in year 5. And... yes I do wear uniform to school it is blue and it has our shcool name and the picture of our school. I pretty much like my uniform! When I go to year 6 I will have purple uniform that has the same thing like I have in year 5 but it will say BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE! under the picture.