Do you like visiting the zoo? Here are ten questions about animals you can see in zoos.

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Animal Madness

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 "This game is awesome. Technically this game is the game that test your knowledge about the Animal World, an impressive kind of life, similar to our's in a side, but on the other totally different. The animal's brain isn't as developed as our's, but they also have techniques for surviving in the wild world, a world that we aren't used to."
TurquoiseBirdBubble 4 you.

good game

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good game

Zoo : Quiz

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 my score is 100% 


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Hi????????? my score 100%

Zoo game

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 I love this game !! :)

 i love this game

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i love this game

veary great game I play with

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veary great game I play with my brother and a friend and i win

 very funny game even if you

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very funny game even if you loose!

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 its great game,i have discovered new interesting things about animals)

FUNNY ,I play whith a

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FUNNY ,I play whith a friend   :-)

animal quiz

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It's a fun game. My class like it!!

you are correct

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you are correct

I'm correct like"u"

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I got everything right in this quiz!
but it took time.


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 it is a really intresting game(quiz)    :)