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  • Language courses

    The British Council is a world leader in the teaching of English, and has been reaching language learners for over 70 years throughout the world. Our Teaching Centres offer a wide variety of language courses for young learners designed to develop your child’s confidence in English. We are committed to providing the highest quality language teaching and all our teachers are well-qualified and highly experienced in teaching young learners.

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    If your country is not listed below, or you are looking for an English course for adults, please choose your country on the main British Council contact page.  

A - Z list

  • Oman

    If you want to develop your child's English using the latest learning methods, our courses and tests could be just what you need. We believe that learning is better when lessons are fun, interesting, interactive and challenging. We have courses to suit young learners at all levels from elementary through to advanced.

  • Poland

    Our Primary and Pre-Teens courses will give your child a truly rewarding learning experience. Our aim is to provide a structured approach which is accessible and fun, through games, songs and story-telling. For older children, Teens and Young Adults, we offer a wide range of general English and exam preparation courses.

  • Portugal

    For young learners we offer English for Juniors (6-9 year olds), Middle Years (10-12 year olds) and Secondaries (13-17 year olds). We also run summer courses, as well as offering courses in local schools.

  • Qatar

    The British Council Qatar offers engaging and dynamic English courses for children and young learners (from 7 to 17 years old). Courses take place throughout the year, and are designed to build students’ confidence and ability in English, as well as their broader academic and learning skills.

  • Romania

    We offer a wide range of courses for children aged from 4-18 years old. We focus on the communicative value of language and believe that learning is an interactive and stimulating experience. Students are encouraged to be actively involved in their own learning and to use their natural creativity and imagination for learning. Our topics and activities are designed to involve children in language and to help them enjoy learning English in and out of the classroom.

  • Saudi Arabia

    Our courses are for children aged between 8 and 17 at levels from Beginners to Pre-intermediate and above. We are committed to providing all our students with structured English language learning that will give each child the opportunity to communicate in English and reach their full potential in a rewarding and stimulating environment.

  • Singapore

    As a key partner of the Ministry of Education, our courses are aligned with the MOE’s current guidance on Singaporean exams and curricula. Our exam preparation programmes address the challenges faced by today’s students, including the new 2015 PSLE, 2013 O-level and A-level exams. Using a student-centred, communicative methodology, our teachers deliver stimulating lessons that motivate your child to achieve their full academic potential.

  • Slovakia

    Our Young Learner courses (aged 7 - 15) will give your child a positive experience of English through interesting topics, more confidence in using their English in a variety of situations and success at school. All courses can lead to internationally recognised Cambridge examinations.

  • Spain

    We use a communicative approach which develops all the skills of the language (speaking, listening, reading and writing) with a special emphasis on improving fluency. We provide a modern learning environment with the most up-to-date learning technologies such as interactive whiteboards and computers to make lessons stimulating and motivating. We encourage learner independence and help students develop their own learning strategies.

  • Sri Lanka

    Do you want your children to learn English? We offer courses for young learners at both our Colombo and Kandy centres. We believe that learning is most effective when lessons are fun, interesting, interactive and challenging. We have courses to suit all ages, from elementary through to advanced level.

  • Taiwan

    Do you want your children to have more confidence and self-belief when using English, and to be taught, motivated and inspired to get better at school? Our young learner courses are designed to help your child develop their confidence and accuracy in using English. Our engaging and interactive classes will help your child to achieve their full potential in English in an encouraging and supportive environment.

  • Tanzania
    Our courses help children aged 12-17 to develop the confidence and creativity they need to progress in their English and academic careers. Designed around individual class needs, our courses develop the whole child and promote the development of critical thinking skills. Qualified teachers ensure classes are structured with communicative tasks and activities to challenge learners to reach their full potential.

  • Thailand

    Learn English with the British Council’s internationally qualified teachers who will help your child progress quickly and effectively. Our young learner courses are designed for children aged 5 to 16. We complement children’s learning at school in a fun and stimulating way to promote all aspects of their English language skills. With our proven teaching techniques, students will get the most out of their classes and improve their English skills to their full potential.

  • Tunisia

    We have organised our courses to reflect the typical school ages in Tunis. Before children can join a British Council course we check their school age and give them a level test so that we can place them in a course and level which will challenge and stimulate them.

  • Ukraine

    We offer five distinct course types, running between September and April. Each course is tailor-made to suit a particular age group. As children in these different age groups have particular needs, we apply different styles of teaching in each case. In all of our classes English is the language of instruction and the only language allowed in our classes.

  • United Arab Emirates

    We provide a structured and safe learning environment with professional and caring qualified teachers. Our young learner courses support and strengthen the learning of English at school, develop students’ confidence in using English through meaningful and enjoyable tasks and activities and help students become more effective learners by using a variety of styles and approaches.

  • Language courses: Venezuela

    We have courses for children aged 7 to 17, separated into three age categories. The classes in each age group are divided by level, going from beginner to advanced. Our methodology values communication, creativity and collaboration. This makes a stimulating and positive environment in which learning is both fun and developmental.

  • Vietnam

    We use the latest UK published materials to stimulate creativity and imagination, and to develop critical thinking skills. Each class provides language input and opportunities for children to develop their English through real communication tasks. Songs, games and literature maximise enjoyment and increase cultural awareness.