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Language Courses

  • The British Council is a world leader in the teaching of English, and has been reaching language learners for over 70 years throughout the world. Our Teaching Centres offer a wide variety of language courses for young learners designed to develop your child’s confidence in English. We are committed to providing the highest quality language teaching and all our teachers are well-qualified and highly experienced in teaching young learners.


  • Our courses have been specifically designed to be fun yet educational and challenging. Whether your child is learning English for the very first time or is almost fluent, our unique approach will give them all the individual attention and opportunities they need to express themselves in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. We encourage children to talk, play and interact with each other and we help them practise their speaking, listening, reading and writing in courses that are arranged by language level and age group to provide the best possible learning environment for your child.

  • Our Young Learner courses will help your child with their English at school and improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. The courses are designed for children from 8-10 years and from 11-14 years of age. At the end of the course, there is a Parents' Day for you to discuss your child's progress with the teacher.

  • Help your children to meet their full potential through speaking and writing better English. Our teachers take every opportunity to develop their pupils’ interest in the language through motivating activities in an authentic English-speaking learning environment.

  • We know that the challenges facing your children at school are greater than they have ever been. That's why our English Language for Young Learners programme aims to help your children grow in confidence and succeed in their studies.

  • Our Young Learner courses are for learners aged 5 to 17. Classes are grouped by their stages of development and are divided by language level so we can focus on age specific language and learning needs. We follow a language through content approach where the majority of our courses (5-14) are based on a graded reader. Our courses aim to develop accuracy and skills that support school curricula.

  • For children aged 7 to 10 our courses are 12 weeks long with two 60-minute classes per week. We offer five main levels: Starters, Movers A, Movers B, Flyers and High Flyers. Our courses give your child a positive experience of English that they will enjoy and will want to continue with as they get older.

  • Each course is designed to give students a chance to learn English through a variety of interesting topics and themes. They will work in pairs and small groups, providing opportunities to focus on real English structures and communication, across all four skills of speaking, reading, listening, and writing.

  • Our English as a Foreign Language section offers courses of General English as well as preparation for the Cambridge Exams (from the level of FCE). Our bilingual section offers anglophone pupils courses based on the UK’s National Curriculum Attainment targets, organised according to their class at school.

  • The British Council Georgia’s Teaching Centre offers courses to young learners aged 7-17. Our courses for young learners have been specifically designed around the unique way that children and teenagers learn, taking into account their different learning styles and interests. Consequently, our courses are fun, interactive and very effective. We aim to enable all students to speak more confidently in English, gain a competitive edge at school, make the most out of technology and get a head start in their future academic life.
  • We centre our methodology around your child and base our classes on a variety of carefully planned tasks and activities that involve vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, reading and writing. We aim to challenge and motivate your child, whatever their individual learning style, and are committed to making your child’s learning a successful, enjoyable and positive experience.


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