Style a hero


Would you like to design your own superhero? In this game you can choose a hero - and give them the powers that you want!

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Game developed by Cambridge English Online
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CrazyDolphinZoo's picture

I love this game .This is my favorit game. bye bye!!!!

SilverHawkSurfboard's picture

This is also my favourite game too. hihi

BrownPuppyUnicorn's picture

it's so coolllllllll!!!!!!!! my hero is so cool but i dont have power to write him... (i write it good? i dont think so...)

ExcitedPearl2's picture

What?  I'm sure you'd be able to!

LadyPurpleKnight's picture

its cool

PinkAngel5's picture

My hero is called Myrannie which can change herself or other people into animals.

CrazyRuby40's picture

she can make people and object move,can become invisible,can change the size,can travel into future or past and feels no pain

PrincessTrumpetRat's picture

this gami is boring,i dont like this game.      :(

ExcitedPearl2's picture

 Thank you for sharing your opinion! I love this game though... :) 

RubyThroneOnline's picture

 Well i love it