Style a hero


Would you like to design your own superhero? In this game you can choose a hero - and give them the powers that you want!

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Game developed by Cambridge English Online
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This is a nyc game...

KingT-RexIguanodon's picture

My hero can see inside buildings.He can become invisible.He can become very big or very small.He .can't feel heat or cold.His sword can cut very strong materials

LadyAmuletPrincess's picture

this is awesome

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RandomAmulet99's picture

 Very well

SweetCherryMarigold's picture

i love this game so much

RedBear8000's picture

Super awesome!!!

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KindGem9000's picture

 i like the game my super hero is blue hairs boy, helmet, cloak you will be invilisible, power boots, gloves will can thow fire and wand

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Can you have any friends on this website? Anyone!?!?