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Do you like writing? You can create your own story here.

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BlueGoldfishYoyo's picture

My story is very funny. The princess name is Alice 

WhiteFlyMummy's picture

i aded samara  in my horror story

CreamBubblegumJam's picture

This is fun to ask people what kind of story is there favorite and ask them questions then it makes a story for them !

PinkPiano3000's picture

My princess's name is Marija

LuckyDiamond5000's picture

My stories was very funny and exciting!

LuckyDiamond5000's picture

My princess name is Elizabeth!

PrincessTeacher60's picture

I like horror stories, with ghosts, wizards and vampires.
Bye bye!

ForeverDJPony's picture

 Try the scary. it ia the moat interesting i think.

DoctorTwilight100's picture

My favorite story is science fiction.
The planet was called Dentimar and
the ship was rusty.The alien was yellow
and medium.The dangerous animals were
space bears. (t could not fit so I called it "bears" only)

CrazyRuby40's picture

the princess's name was spinach