Make a dangerous animal


Make a dangerous animal with this game. Choose a colour and then decide on the body parts to make your creature really scary!


Game developed by Cambridge English Online
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My monster's name is:Scray

MisterSailingTambourine's picture

My animal is called dinodeer

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my monster name : i don't have name

LadyRedGirl's picture

My puppy is nice with red skin, some tentacles and a big mouth with sharp teeth and a tail with a sting
Do you think it's lovely and cute?

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LadyRedGirl's picture

My monster makes me very scared when I see it.

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  • Hi i am Kind Gem 900,
  • My Monster color is blue and a horn, antlers, a shark beak, spikes, a tail with a sting, strong legs with claws, pingers and tentacles.
  • He's name is Simba the lion king

Best Wished,

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my monster has nothing but its scary

MisterToyDrum's picture

 My animal is green color and it has a sharp beak, tail with a spikes and strong legs with claws. its name as toydrum

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my animal is red with a sharp beck 
a  tail    with some  spikes     
and  name Reddy