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Give your child the chance to improve their cognitive skills and English language development with our educational app pack – featuring Timmy and his friends from the TV series Timmy Time.

This exciting new pack of apps is designed for kids aged three to six learning English. If English is your first language, the apps could be suitable for children as young as two years old.

There are no in-app purchases or adverts so your child won't click on any unsuitable games or buy any other apps.

The app pack includes:

Timmy's First Words: Learning Time with Timmy

Timmy and his friends support your child to play three exciting games that will help them develop their English language skills and learn over 60 new words including numbers, colours, shapes, food, animals and toys.

  • In 'Magic Box' your child learns how to categorise and organise items by type and colour as they listen to the narrator and place items in the box. The game gets more challenging as we introduce a variety of shapes, colours and numbers, requiring your child to spot the differences between objects.
  • In 'Rub-a-Dub' your child must swipe away snowflakes, leaves or sand to identify objects hidden beneath. The game starts with single words such as 'pear' and 'train' and builds up to more complex phrases such as 'two dogs' and 'three birds'.
  • In the third game, your child follows the narrator's instructions to pop balloons containing specific objects. As your child plays they learn how to count new objects, colours and shapes.

Timmy's Learning New Skills: Learning Time with Timmy

This app boosts your child's vocabulary and develops their cognitive skills such as identifying, sorting and concentration. 'Magic Box' and 'Rub-a-Dub' build on vocabulary covered in the first app while children learn to identify different objects in new game 'I-Spy'. As they progress objects get harder to find, requiring serious focus!

Features parents and teachers will love:

  • colourful, exciting games that become more challenging as your child progresses through each app
  • engaging characters from the Timmy Time TV series that motivate and support your child as they learn
  • games that encourage your child to build their vocabulary and develop a range of skills including hand eye coordination, concentration, and motor and cognitive skills. Children are guided by an audio narration and are encouraged to tap, swipe and drag in all the games
  • stickers and video rewards that keep children motivated to work their way through the app

Timmy's Starting to Read: Learning Time with Timmy

This app features a reading game, new videos, stickers and party themes to help young children learn English. With it, children will learn over 60 new English words, review vocabulary from Timmy's First Words in English and Timmy's Learning New Skills and boost their cognitive and memory skills.

Timmy's Starting to Read is packed with new holiday-themed vocabulary, including party food, musical instruments and fancy dress costumes.

In 'Hatch Match' your child is introduced to reading simple vocabulary as they match pairs of pictures with words. They can also choose between three levels of difficulty depending on how strong their reading skills are. Watch your child get more confident and improve their memory skills as they match three, then four, then six pairs in a game that becomes more challenging!

About Learning Time with Timmy

The British Council and Aardman, the Academy Award®-winning animation studio, have combined their experience, expertise and passion for teaching to create Learning Time with Timmy, an innovative learning experience for your child aged two to six years.

Learning Time with Timmy includes face-to-face coursesthree educational apps and an online series available on YouTube and TV to help your child to develop and become a confident learner of English. It also includes a free online course for you. English in Early Childhood on FutureLearn is for parents, early years teachers and practitioners on how to help children get the most out of their English language learning experience.

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