Kids vocabulary games - learn words


  • Play these games and learn new words.


  • Witches make magic spells in a big cooking pot called a cauldron. Can you label the picture?
  • Fireworks are great fun, but they can also be dangerous. Learn about being safe around fireworks with this matching activity.  
  • What’s your bedroom like? Try to label everything in this bedroom.
  • Learn about bullying and what you can do if you are being bullied, or you see someone being bullied, with this matching activity. Remember, bullying is when someone hurts someone else on purpose, and...
  • Play a game about chores we do at home. How many sentences can you make?
  • Which Christmas words do you know? Play a game all about Christmas words. How many sentences can you make?
  • At school we spend most of our time in the classroom. Can you label the furniture and objects in this classroom?
  • A clown’s face will certainly make you smile. Label the parts of the clown’s face in this picture.
  • Computers are a big part of our lives now, but they've been around for longer than you might think. Can you match the dates and the important events in computer history?  
  • Play a game about days and weeks. How many sentences can you make?