Label the picture

  • Spring is a wonderful season around the world. Can you label this spring picture with all the things you see at this time of year?
  • 2014 was the Chinese year of the horse. What do you know about horses? Try to label the different parts of the horse and rider.
  • What’s your bedroom like? Try to label everything in this bedroom.

  • The sea is full of amazing animals. How good are you at naming these creatures? Have a go at labelling the sea animals in this picture.

  • Fly, drive, ride or sail? Can you label these six different types of transport?
  • The playground is a place for kids to have fun. Do you know the names of the rides and things in a playground? Try to label this picture.
  • At school we spend most of our time in the classroom. Can you label the furniture and objects in this classroom?

  • Do you know what these parts of the body are? Here is a picture of an insect (it's a fly). Can you put the words in the right places?

  • Dinosaurs are amazing creatures that lived millions of years ago. Can you label the dinosaur body parts in this picture?
  • A clown’s face will certainly make you smile. Label the parts of the clown’s face in this picture.

  • Witches make magic spells in a big cooking pot called a cauldron. Can you label the picture?

  • Dragons are fantasy animals that you can see in stories and legends. This dragon is made up of different animal body parts. Can you label them in the picture?