In this very special clip from What's Your News? you can listen to lots of children telling us their real news.

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What's Your News? is an award winning children's television programme, produced by TT Animations.

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why i can not give my vedio

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Dear DoctorReptileAngel,

It's not possible to send us your videos at the moment. But you can tell us about your news on this page by writing a comment!

Best wishes,

LearnEnglish Kids team
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Hello my name is Aylin Im 10 I live in Iran Iran is a very good country it have many place to see I like learn English and speak English

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hello i am SUMAITA .I from BANGLADESH.Want to be my freind.Ialso love to talk and learn in eglish.

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 Hello my name is Doniyor. i am from tashkent. i play games today in british school. i like it.

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himmmmm funny,funny,funny, excellent

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 In this video the children said very quickly. I understood not much :(((.
My news: now I will make fruite ice (as ice-cream). Yummm!

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 Hello,my name is Elif.I'm from Turkey.I have got news.I tell you about my news!
Today I and my sister play football with plastic ball.Of course I win!!!:)