In this very special clip from What's Your News? you can listen to lots of children telling us their real news.

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What's Your News? is an award winning children's television programme, produced by TT Animations.

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 What an exellent website

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Hi ExcellentSunflowerCousin,
I'm happy to read that you like our website!
Have fun practising your English.

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team
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today i play't a basketbal macht and wi won

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yestarday I eat pizza

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Hi my name is Abigail. I am studing english, I live in Qro. Mexico and I want to go to  London because I think that it is interesting that place . Someone of you live on London?, If someone of you live in London can you tell me about it? And another thing I will tell you who is my english teacher my teacher`s name is :Paola but you can say she Teacher Pao...Good-Bay.

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Hi my news is that I change my avatar in this count and I eat my favorite food 

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hello my name is alex my favorite food is the soup i have a good friend hi sayd