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  • Kids games

    Have fun playing games and learning English at the same time! We have lots of free online vocabulary games for primary school children to play. You can learn new words, practise using them in sentences and play our spelling games too.


  • Spot the dragon game

    A dragon is a fantastic creature. Some have wings, some have horns and claws and some breathe fire. Can you spot the dragon?

  • In Europe people use euros, in the USA dollars, how many different currencies do you know?
  • Look at the picture - can you spell the word? Burst the right balloons when they go past!

  • Play With Friends: Zoos

    Do you like visiting the zoo? Here are ten questions about animals you can see in zoos.

  • Here is a picture of a clown's face. Can you colour the picture? Read or listen to the instructions.

  • What are your favourite clothes? Can you find ten things to wear in this wordsearch?
  • Listen and read then colour this flag.

  • Here are five things to wear on a cold day. Can you match the words and the pictures?

Joke of the week

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What fish only swims at night?

A starfish!