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    Have fun playing games and learning English at the same time! We have lots of free online vocabulary games for primary school children to play. You can learn new words, practise using them in sentences and play our spelling games too.


  • What do you know about festivals around the world? Try this quiz and see how much you really know!
  • Have you ever heard of quinine? It helps to fight a dangerous disease called malaria. Can you put the sentences in order to make the story of this important medicine?

  • What are your favourite clothes? Can you find ten things to wear in this wordsearch?
  • Do you like school? You can practise words about school with this game.

  • There are twelve months in the year. Do you know them all?

  • This game is all about health. Read the clues and guess the health words.
  • How green are you? Can you guess all the words about the environment in this game?

  • There are a lot of amazing animals in the ABC zoo. Can you guess what they are?

Joke of the week

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What fish only swims at night?

A starfish!