Do you want to practise using the present simple and present continuous in English? Play our grammar games and have fun while you learn.

Grammar Rule


I play tennis every Sunday.
I’m playing hockey now.
She eats fruit every day.
She’s eating an apple now.


We use the present simple to talk about routines – what you do every day or every week. We use the present continuous to talk about things you are doing now.
I watch cartoons every day.
I’m watching a film now.  

Be careful!

For the present simple, add ‘s’ or ‘es’ for he/she/it. Make the negative with ‘don’t’ or ‘doesn’t’. For the present continuous, use the verb ‘to be’ and ‘-ing’. Add ‘not’ to make the negative.  
My dad makes dinner every evening. He doesn’t make lunch.
We are studying English now. We aren’t studying maths.

We say... We don’t say...

I wake up every morning at 7:00. (NOT I am waking up every morning at 7:00.)
She is talking on the phone now. (NOT She talks on the phone now.)
They aren’t reading a book now. (NOT They don’t reading a book now.)

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Good game!  I enjoyed both the games in  the first one i scored 98.3% and in the second one 100.00% 81/81.

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I like this game very much.This is very easy game for me

In second game my score is 100.00%

and my point score is 81out of 81.

This game is very very very easy.




 it's a good game

its very easy but the first one you most to be very fast

very very very easy

Very easy