Here is a teddy. He needs some clothes. Can you find the right clothes for him? Practise words for clothes in this game.

Game developed by Cambridge English Online


Teddy is wearing some crazy clothes!
What is the craziest outfit you can think of for Teddy? Here is an example.

  • swimming goggles
  • a rabbit costume
  • clown's shoes

Tell us about your crazy outfits for Teddy!

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 this game is very easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teddy is  very cute!

Its really easy this lyk! x

 It's easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 i learnt some thing yay!!!!!!!!!

Is very,very easy


Yes don 't you just love teddies

  •  Goggles
  • A shirt with a blue tie
  • Brown shorts

I like this game.