Do you like writing? You can create your own story here.

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It said you could write your OWN story so I clicked on it but I didn't enjoy it that much :(

this is the coolest game

 My story is horrible and disgusting.

 vow. amazing and astonising game . i never seen like this game before and my story was very fairy. in whch the queen want to make happy to his doughter . who was't smile but finally the parrot make her smile . on this great effort the queen give a magic sword to parot as reward or gift. 

this game was very interesting and attact me to learn more about new thing which I never learnt the words from books .

i am a story's actress.

My story is so scarry !

 looooooooooooooove this game my sis plays 24 7

woooow  super :))

love it , it is boring but in the same time fun 

WOW !!!! GOOD GAME !!!