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Hi! I like this site its very cool! My name is Mara and im ten years old!!!!!!!

Awesome game!

my name is andra.i am ten years old.

hi i like your stories

Once upon a time there were a wolf. This wolf was very scary and kill sheeps and people.One day, a man came to the village of the animal. The people tell him about the wolf and then, he decided to talk him.The man go to the forest and saw the wolf, with a mourderous look.
The man:Hi,brother wolf,why do you kill sheeps and people?
Wolf:Because i haven't got any food
TM:Come whith me.
When the man was entering in the village with the wolf, now  docile, the people had a great surprise.
Villagers:How did you do it?
The man: With a deal:If you give him food, He will be like a pet and he won't kill.
V: Ok, we acept.
The man leave the village a few days later.
At the next year he returned to the village and he get very angry: the wolf killed again.He went, very angry to talk to the wolf.
Wolf:Because when you leave the village the people  laughted of me, the"pet wolf", and started to hurt me.
The man leave he village, praying for the villagers and all the humans.

Once upon a time there was a little girl called anne that lived with her family in a little town near the river.When she went to school the teacher asked:What did you did in the weekend?
anne:I found a pink shark with purple spots.
anne:yes I found it in the river.
anne:well I was in the river with my family and I sat on some rocks and I saw it.I brought it herE.
teacher:let me see it.
the so famous shark was the picture of a pink shark with purple spots in the river.
                                                                                                                                                                      THE END

Hi! My name is Luminous, I like your stories .

once upon a time there were three bears. one was the daddy bear and one was the mummy  bear  and the other one  was the baby bear. and they were sleeping in bed in the dark.and  when they waked up  they were playing a game it was hide and seek the baby bear said to his mum that they could play hide and seek       and with respect he said please as well and his mum said yes thats why baby bear said please they did   play they were playing this game in 10 minites baby bear was hiding under the table and mummy bear was geting baby bear and daddy bear was geting baby bear and then they found him and then it was 20o,clock and they were in bed in the evening they were in bed at 22 o,clock and they came out of bed in 59 they came out.