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Can we write a super hero story .

 i like this web

i like it 

 Its cool

 Pretty good! How do u create ur own avatar?

Hi CrystalPomegranateDrum,
To create your own avatar, first right click on the picture to go to your account.
Then click the 'edit' tab.
Scroll down to the bottom, to 'picture'.
Now follow the instructions to create your character. When you have finished, don't forget to save.
You may not see your new picture immediately. Sometimes it takes a few days to appear.
Have fun!

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team 

 Thanx MissInternetEarth! I really needed ur help!

Can I write horror story?

Dear Princess Hour Kestrel, 

Of course you can write a horror story. You can write one using the story maker or you can write your own. Good Luck! 

Best Wishes, 

Professor Emerald Beach 
LearnEnglish Kids Team