Can you play a musical instrument? Is the instrument you play in this music maze? Practise listening with the musical instrument maze.

Game developed by Cambridge English Online
Average: 3.6 (186 votes)


I scored 592

my score is 600

i like to play guitar and i learn guitar!!
i score 170 in the first game

 this game is easy

very easy

my score is 587:)

I score118566

 There are 3 colors in this game, (I mean the houses) They are red, green and blue - blue, then red, then green 
are the colors of the flag of the country that I live in! :)

I scored 591... oh and by the way my favorite instrument is the guitar :D

I love music. I can sing very well. I have a violin, keyboard and acoustic guitar at home.
My favorite band is The Cure