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interesting :)

My little sister LOVES it!!!!! 

  1. this is a good game for small kids
  2. and kids can learn
  3. i can learn
  4. and the best
  5. all can learn english

This game is super!

  •  ilike this game is funny and coll
  • ha ha ha.

This Game is cool.You only want to be Doctor because you want to be rich?Just think of it....You might have to cut Bodys to chek something or ...........
I would never be a Doctor and when i reay want to be a Doctor , then it will be never because i will become rich.

  • I wish I could  be  a doctor so I could people even it is poor or rich,I don't want to become rich 
  • I love this game

very BORING!!!!!!!!!! It's catastrophic

i want to be a doctor so that i would very rich