Insects live everywhere - in your garden, in the rainforests, and even in deserts. In this game you can visit these places and learn about different insects.

Game developed by Cambridge English Online


Insects have been on this planet for 400 million years. They are amazing animals!

You've learned lots of amazing facts about insects in this game:

  • Cockroaches can live without their heads for a week!
  • If you have 1000 stick insects only one will be a male!

We'd love to find out more amazing facts about insects. Why not send us your amazing facts about insects?

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This game needs 5 stars. I like this game. I like insect and bugs. They are so cool.

I know insects about that queenant looks like caterpillar. It is more bigger than other ants. My favourite insect is coccinelle (ladybird, ladybug). Have a nice moments with insects! Greetings Redgoldfish2000.


It's a good game!

I rated it 5 stars!

Too easy! I can even finish this 1 minute!

This is a very nice game I found all insects

this is a very fun and educated game.

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good game