Spycat is looking for lost pets. Listen to the descriptions and find the right pets.

Game developed by Cambridge English Online

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the games is cool!

it was so cool and very easy i enjoyed it  very much !like it !   good bye from $ara... (redgoldfishtornado)...   


 this game is awsome. these websits is  are cool

I liked the game "Identipet"

 I love to play games on computer,and if the game is interesting and colorful it becomes totally irresistible for me to skip.
Today i played this interesting game in which there were many pet animals, i had to find out the specific pet according to the clues provided by the Spycat.
i liked to match the clue for tropical fish the most.
next time i will go for another game which will improve my vocabulary and spellings along fun. :)

 it is a beautiful game !