Ryan's got some money and he wants to buy some toys. Can you help him give the right money to the assistant?

Game developed by Cambridge English Online

Average: 3.8 (2172 votes)


 i dont like it !!!!

WWWWIIIIIIIINNNNN!!!!!! WOW!! the game is as easier than other games but is cool!!

I think the Boy is really crazy when get out the shop with lots of toys.He had many Money!!!!!

The Game is OK

 wow it´s very  fun!!!!!!

It is so fun.

 it is fun and I LOVE IT

Too easy can make it boring. I think there should have level 1, 2,3 at least that or the game will soon so boring and everybody hate forever and ever!! But now still good.

This is a cool game! I GOT 5/5:P