There are lots of things we can do at home to look after the environment. What do you do? How green are you? Find out with a quiz.

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Game developed by Cambridge English Online

Discussion've done the quiz..How green are you? Are you very green? Quite green? Or not green at all! Tell us!

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Еverywhere there are 3 questions only in one room 4.

i am very green too

Boring game! Who in England

I hate this game!

that is funnnn! you should try this game!~

Hi Everyone I'm from Vietnam, I am Florie, I am 10 years old I am QueenStrawberrySocks

I love this game

hello everybody.i am Alwaysbuttercupbird. i am new in british concil.

I can`t find 1 cuestión =(

Hi PrincessSitar4,
There are:
3 questions in the bathroom,
4 questions in the bedroom,
3 questions in the kitchen,
3 questions in the living room.
Can you find them all now?

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team