There are lots of things we can do at home to look after the environment. What do you do? How green are you? Find out with a quiz.

Game developed by Cambridge English Online

Discussion've done the quiz..How green are you? Are you very green? Quite green? Or not green at all! Tell us!

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This game is great!I love it!

Hi I'm new here where do you start playing the game?

Hi AluminiumMoonstoneCrystal,


Can you see the 'start' button? Click that to start playing the game. Have fun! 


LearnEnglish Kids team

Thank you LadyCrystalKitten but I'm playing on my iPad do you think it is better to play on the computer?

Hi AluminiumMoonstoneCrystal,


Yes, try the game on a computer. This game needs 'Flash' to work so you might not be able to play it on an iPad. Let us know if you succeed and if you like the game! 


LearnEnglish Kids team

Can you guys tell me where is 3 question in the bathroom ?

Еverywhere there are 3 questions only in one room 4.

i am very green too

Boring game! Who in England

I hate this game!