In Ancient Egypt people wrote using symbols called hieroglyphics. Use Hiero-Writer to write messages in hieroglyphics.

Game developed by Cambridge English Online


Write your name in hieroglyphics with the hiero-writer.

  • Do you like how it looks?
  • What animals or body parts appear in your name?
  • Write in and tell us all about it.
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that is so COOL !
I have an interesting book that tells about ancient Egypt. Some pages of this book mention these symbols but I have not understood what they means. Now I totally know the meaning of those strange symbols. HURRAY ! I am so HAPPY.

Hi LadyRainforestFlamingo,
I'm happy to read that the game helped you to understand the hieroglyphic symbols!

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team

I wrote Egypt is amazing.

yeah. it is kinda boring.

the game is little boring
i didn't like the game

it boring but anyway it okay for me

yo i wanted this

just writing very boring

that is true !!!!!!!!!

I hate this game !!!!!!