Here are some mixed-up animals. Can you read the clues and make these crazy creatures?

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Game developed by Cambridge English Online

Average: 3.7 (2742 votes)


i know its like slly

 hello i'm a new one

Hi I'm happy to see another child suscribed on the link
Read you soon

It's funny ! I like this game ! :)

I like this game

This game is BOARING !!!!!

I really dont like this stuppid gammeeee!

i dont think its stupid i think it needs more graphicks

everyone is right that's so lame if finish the animal making and we have to do it again and again i wish they could re arange game...... boringgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg...................................

its so boring its lame i don't know why people have said its good i mean i start laughing its so lame