Here are some mixed-up animals. Can you read the clues and make these crazy creatures?

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There is mistake in the 4th slide. When you make everything right, it shows that just 2 things are right... It says to make "monkey's body"... when you make it... like it's wrong..( but the game in general is SUPERGREAT!!!!!!

Hi PrincessSlideMermaid,

Thanks for telling us about this problem. You are right, the green light doesn't appear for the monkey's body. We will try to fix it.

Look at the small number at the bottom on the left, next to the check box, it says 3 correct.  So when you are checking your answers please look at the numbers, not the green lights : )

I hope you enjoy practising your English on our website!


Best wishes,


LearnEnglish Kids team

I hate songs. And this game has got lots of songs. I don't like this game.

The game is funny.

how to replay this game?

Hi WhiteFly20!

If you get to the end of the game, you can click 'replay' to replay the game. If not, you can click 'refresh' on your browser to refresh the page. 

Have fun!

LearnEnglish Kids team

Very easy!

na we dont like thet game

This game is make a lot of crazy animals! Wow!

This is freaking awesome you can make a chicken bark