.Which letter is it? Click on the right letter, but watch for the snake!



Which animals do you prefer? Monkey or snake? Have you seen a monkey or a snake? Was it in the zoo or the wild?

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It is very good and very easy!

It is very easy for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like the game 

hello. it is very easy.

  • Hi am Kind Gem 9000
  • The easy is for small kids 
  • The medium is for normal kids
  • The hard is for big kids
  • And i coletted the easy, medium and hard is finish last is monkey eat the 3 bananas

I like it!

It is very easy because it looks like small kids game.

 its very funny

 Hi friends i think this gamme is boring, but i like snake and i like coconut ... I don't like banana :(

i don't like monkey

 I like this game..both the animals are funny ..they come for me to play alphabets..