How many words can you make in 3 minutes? Use the 16 letters in the grid.

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LadyRadioPlanet's picture

HI My Name is Aishwarya and my score is 16 . PinkWitchTambourine you are awesome in this game

MisterSailingTambourine's picture

my high score is 201 I found silver, fish, house, awesome, and lots of cool words!!

CreamOrchestraChips's picture

 Your'e so good at this !
 I only got 33 marks for my highest score

MisterSailingTambourine's picture

Im so good my high score is 46

LadyGreen's picture

This is so interesting game!!!

NicePlum9's picture

63 is my highest score

CreamOrchestraChips's picture

You're so good at this !
My highest score was only 30  !

WowTelephoneTechnology's picture

wordament is better than this.

PinkWitchTambourine's picture

hello my friends my new score is 150!!!!!

DoctorDrum90's picture

Hello my name is Luigi. My score is seven