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Spot the dragon



A dragon is a fantastic creature. Some have wings, some have horns and claws and some breathe fire. Can you spot the dragon?

Game developed by Cambridge English Online


LordMermaidMaracas's picture

very very exciting

BronzeRapT-Rex's picture


BronzeRapT-Rex's picture

this is nice but this game is confusig me

QueenDrumAlbatross's picture

it so easy

CaptainLuteBirthday's picture

Little easy game and I like this game very much.
But I am scare of dragons

YellowSpellPoppy's picture

I like dragon and I draw dragon very much

CaptainLuteBirthday's picture

Hey Yellow Spell Poppy,

How old are you ?
You can draw a dragon but I cannot draw a dragon.
You like dragon but I like dragon only little

SingingRap60's picture

 this game is very very fun!

PinkRootLeopard's picture

 this game is very very very... easy !!!!!!!!!!!!

BlueViolin8's picture

 is very very easy