Run Santa Run


It's just before Christmas and Santa is getting fat! How can he take presents to all the children? He needs to get fit! Santa's going for a run. Can you help him run through the winter wonderland? How far can he run before he hits Christmas surprises?

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This game is great! I love it.I want to change my avatar but is cannot.Can anyone help me?

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Hello PrincessFlutePearl,
To change your avatar click on the character. This will take you to your profile. Click on 'edit' and you can change your character here.
Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team

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I'm so beautiful :3 a dragon Rawr this game hard but good lol >:D

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i like game!!!!!

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i'm beginner in this game 

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OMG, this game is fantastic!!!!!!!!

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it's great.

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i'm 317

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This game is Great!Cool!The best!