Are you ready for the dinosaur challenge? Answer ten questions correctly in the Quiz-o-saurus and get the LearnEnglish Kids dinosaur expert certificate!

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Game developed by Cambridge English Online
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I love dinosaurs!

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now i have to say I DON`T LIKE THIS GAME.....

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this game is not good but not bad to..... :D

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Hi everyone,
In the game is hard game and is 9- 11 years old too. Is hard to know the dinosaurs the all quest  is different 
the answer, Please first learn in to your mother. father, sister, aunt, brother, uncle, grandmother, grandfather, grandma and your grandpa knows the dinosaurs, Because big humans knows dinosaurs

Best Wished,

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good luck

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 i dont know anything about dinos so.....i dont like it.:-(

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It's not a borring game. This game will help us learn about many dinosaurs. Who like this game will be a good SCENCETIST. So I like this game. It's so cool!!!!