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Haunted house



Dare you enter the Haunted House? Can you find the things you need for your magic spell?

Game developed by Cambridge English Online

Did you find everything in the haunted house for the magic spell?

  • What other ingredients could you put in a magic spell?
  • Think of some ingredients for a crazy spell and tell us your ideas. 


WildOpal9's picture

the game no terrorific

CreepyRhinoRabbit's picture

The voice is very terrible,I don't want to play it again

WhiteCloudDrum's picture

don't scary

FriendlyForestFly's picture

Haunted house is scary..

KingDragonBamboo's picture

This game is fun!

QueenPlayerDove's picture

i like it

OrangeRainbowCanoe's picture

There was nothing scary it

PurpleRhinoCastle's picture


OrangeRainbowCanoe's picture

 Me too:) 

AmuletUnicornNecklace's picture

        I like it too! I'm new here! Do you want to be friends?