Birthday card

birthday card

In the UK people give cards to their friends when it's their friend's birthday. Is it your friend's birthday soon? Or the birthday of somebody in your family? Why not make them a card!

Watch a video to see how to make a pop-up birthday card. You can download pictures and instructions below.

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Hello!I am PrincessMusicRuby,Iam 9 years old,I am from Singapore.I hope everyone is my friend

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it is so pretty

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It was a great video. AWESOME!!!!!!!

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Hi everyone,
I'm KindGem9000 / I'm 9 years old / I'm 4th Grade / i have lot's of friends

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Hi everybody   I am 7 years old        I from egypt      I want friends from all world

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Hi every one!
My name is PrincessGuitarFlute . I am from Vietnam . I live in Thanh Hoa city . I want to make friends in all around the world .
I want to make friends with you guys on this page

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I am from Vietnam too :)
Can we be friends ?

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thank you and sorry!!!beacause Im from iran and dont good speak english!

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hello my avatar is bad and dont edit

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Hi IncredibleCrystal6,
You often can't see changes to your avatar immediately.
Sometimes you have to wait a few days before your new picture appears on the site.
I hope that helps.

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team