Here are some mixed-up animals. Can you read the clues and make these crazy creatures?

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Game developed by Cambridge English Online
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it's bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't find the game!I'm a little sad!^_^

Hi SmilingTeacherRock, 

Can you see the black arrow shapes on the left side of the game? Click on those to change the head, body and legs of the animal. Look at the instructions on the right. Keep clicking on the arrows until you have the correct combination. I hope that helps!



LearnEnglish Kids team 


i like the game

Its a fail in the game! The Monkeys body is right!

Hi AgentTeam7,


There is a small problem with this game - the green light doesn't appear for the monkey's body.


Look at the small number at the bottom on the right, next to the 'check' box. It says three correct. When you are checking your answers, please look at the numbers, not the green lights.


Have fun with the game!


LearnEnglish Kids team

number 3 doesnt work

the gme is very good

But ,written below'' 3 correct''.